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Why the Military Produces Great Leaders

The views expressed herein are those of the author and do not purport to reflect the position of the US Military Academy, the Department of the Army, or the Department of Defense.


New Social Site Will Cater to Veterans

A marine recruiter in New York City is exiting the military and launching a website he describes as a “hybrid of Facebook and LinkedIn, tailored to the military.” Michael Abrams knows this won’t be the first website offering support or job help for veterans. To name a handful of dozens, you have recruitmilitary , hireahero , hirevetsfirts , hiremilitary , vetjobs , of course the new Recruiters-of-Light project, and others. But Abrams (4BlockVolunteer@gmail.com) believes the market could use a social-media oriented site where veterans can get to know other veterans already working. “Veterans really want to help guys transition out,” he says, “but there’s no easy way to connect with them.” Abrams says he wants to help “the guy coming back from Afghanistan who only has a couple of weeks to make the transition.” Abrams, an officer recruiter for the Marines in Manhattan, is raising money for his project. He wants investors to give money to the for-profit part of the site, and individuals looking for worthy causes to donate to the non-profit part, which will offer mentoring and classes


1,000 Recruiters of Light

“This is America … a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.” — President George H.W.


Aussie Military Looks to Manpower RPO To Fill Ranks

There’s an interesting discussion going on over at the Video 2.0 for Recruitment blog about the U.S. Army’s $33 million investment in a recruiting video game. Ernest Feiteira picked up on an item I posted and started a conversation about the value of such recruiting tools


A Video, A Video Game, And Vault

Today brings news of the U.S. Army’s $38 million recruiting video games, a recruiting marketing video that is surprisingly fresh and entertaining and should be required watching for anyone considering an HR career as a recruiter, and a change at Vault. America’s Army When you’re recruiting for an organization where the expression “taking potshots” is no mere idiom, you have to be innovative in your approach, not to mention cutting edge to reach the 17-25 year olds who are your (pardon the expression) target.


Translating Military Service For The Civilian Work World

As Johnny and Jane come marching back from war to prepare for the next chapter of their lives, they face the daunting challenge of turning their military experience into machine-readable resumes and elevator speeches that convince corporate recruiters to give them a second look. “The novelette of their experience in the military,” says Sherrill Curtis , doesn’t always translate clearly. Agrees Carl Blum, “The hardest problem they have is translating their military experience into civilian language so a recruiter can understand what they have to offer. Curtis, Blum, and Blum’s partner in an organization called Tip of the Arrow , Bob Deissig, and Sgt.


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