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Is it Just Jigsaw That’s in ZoomInfo’s Sights?

What do you suppose ZoomInfo is up to? The company launched Fresh Contacts a month ago offering participants two months free access to the ZoomInfo database just for uploading their personal contacts. Upload one or one thousand contacts, it’s all the same – two months’ access to the 45 million contacts and 5 million company profiles ZoomInfo claims. Without a doubt, it’s a shot over the bow of competitor Jigsaw , which built its leads business on an early faith in crowdsourcing


Leverage Your Own Social Network

Social networks are so hyped right now among recruiters that it is hard to separate their real value and purpose from often overblown marketing promises. By creating a social network specifically for your organization, you can differentiate yourself from the crowd, build your brand, and find most of the candidates you need without any other sourcing techniques. Rethinking how we source is not easy


Six iPhone Apps for Recruiters

I have not always been a cell phone technology enthusiast. Until my last phone — the world’s smallest brick — refused to charge. This sent me sauntering into the AT&T store, determined to keep my existing pre-historic calling plan. When it comes to cell phones, I am pretty cheap. I root for the vigilant “Rollover Minutes Mom.” “I never use data services,” I haughtily told the salesperson.


Sourcing Insight: Control Freaks Hate Community

Control freaks hate community. And most recruiters are control freaks


Bridge ATX Fun Event on April 21, 2009 5 – 9 pm Downtown Austin

If you live in Austin I hope you can join us for the first annual Bridge ATX networking event . This is not a traditional networking event - its really more of a party - so even if you don't consider yourself to be a natural "networker" you should feel comfortable and welcome at this fun outdoor event. There will be drinks, free food, and live music


Have you Refreshed your Relationships Lately?

As you add contacts (or renew old contacts) during your job search, you should ensure that you "refresh" your relationships on a regular basis (at least every 3 or 4 weeks). This is important for everyone, but especially if you are currently unemployed


Sourcing / Recruiting Linkedin for Free Accounts

Sourcing / Recruiting Linkedin for Free Recruiting/Use of Linkedin with your free account. View more presentations from Rithesh Nair . (tags: boolean learn ) Find some Free Resumes online- Enter your Keywords Below Free Subscription to my blog http://tinyurl.com/researchersecrets


A Pink Slip Party?

Why not? That's exactly what our ancestors did during the Great Depression! At first glance we wonder what we who are laid off have to party about


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