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The Hard Facts in International Recruiting

My younger brother Barak got married August 12, 2010. When we were growing up, the thing I knew for sure was that I hated him.


The Cost of a Bad Hire: How to Actually Do Something About it

John Sullivan wrote about the cost of a bad hire . Reading through the list, I thought it was extremely comprehensive … someone must have done their homework.


The Sad Existence of the Active Candidate

“To see the right and not do it is cowardice.” –Author Unknown A recent article by John Zappe entitled Should We Be Telling the Unemployed Not to Apply? was excellent. Furthermore, judging by the varied, contentious, and well-thought-out comments, John’s work clearly struck a nerve with a cross section of ERE readership, this writer included. Tell the unemployed not to apply


Will Careersnotlateraltransfers.com Soon Replace All Job Boards?

Something is fundamentally wrong with the hiring process used by most companies in the U.S. We tend to hire too many people who are willing to take a job until something better comes along. Companies don’t implement this “holding pattern” concept intentionally, but at the core level the hiring process most companies use involves matching people who have the requisite skills and are looking, with jobs they’ve done before.


The Social Media Bubble

Lately there have been a lot of keystrokes generated about the social media bubble, starting with a blog post on Harvard Business Review . A bubble suggests that something has greatly inflated value, e.g., the housing bubble, or the dot-com bubble. The original post claims that social media cheapens relationships, giving people the illusion of having many relationships when in reality they have few. “During the subprime bubble, banks and brokers sold one another bad debt — debt that couldn’t be made good on.


Uncovering Test Secrets, Part 2

Validation can get squirrelly fast. Without first conducting a legitimate job analysis and choosing a legitimate hiring test, there is no need to go any further. Everything is worthless without the first two steps. Once that is behind you, establish a strong link between a specific test score and on-the-job performance. Litigation vs


Play Nice

Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world. –Annie Lennox I recently finished reading the book The Power of Nice . I especially liked this book, because not only was it written by two very successful women, it was written by people who work in the advertising industry. I work in the advertising industry, specifically in the niche area of human resource communications. As I was reading this book, I felt reassured in knowing there are people who do believe that doing right by people and treating them with respect should be a given, and not an exception to the rule


Hiring: What You Don’t Know Hurts!

When I was a kid, I watched adults get their teeth pulled and replaced by dentures. My kid-brain thought it was normal. When I grew up, my adult brain learned it wasn’t necessary to give up on your teeth. The same goes for most organizations


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