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In the Talent War, the Ceasefire Is Over

With so many companies focused on simple survival during the downturn, with so much job loss and anxiety among those who survived, it was easy to forget about the war for top talent.


How to Make People Passionate About Their Work

I know two CEOs: one in publishing is a friend; the other in manufacturing is an email correspondent. There is a common bond between the two; both are in their sixties and both act as if they are closer to twenty-two. Their sense of vitality springs from their passion for what they do. Each feels a sense of pride in the businesses he leads; more importantly, each is pushing his respective organization to new heights with a vigor found typically in much younger men. Their can-do attitudes seem almost corny, as if sketched from an earlier age or at least from musicals like The Music Man


Make Your Place Proud of You

There was an excited buzz in the room. By virtue of their animated conversations, it was obvious that these men and women, mostly in their forties, knew each other well


From Lehman Brothers to Taxi Driver — Laid Off in Las Vegas

When I hailed a taxi on the Las Vegas strip last week, I never expected to find a former Lehman Brothers broker behind the wheel. His greeting: “I hope you’re not one of those liberals.” I am, but he didn’t hold it against me for long. Let’s call my driver Jack. Jack was an up-and-comer with Lehman Brothers for years and worked for the firm in New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas


Work Life Balance When You’re Out of Work

How can you suffer from work life imbalance when you’re out of work? Trust me, it’s easy


Keeping Your People Engaged in Tough Times

This week's question for Ask the Coach: Keeping employees' committed and motivated during tough economic times seems like a tall task, especially after downsizing or program cutbacks.


What Recruiting Looks Like in Recession

It is not affecting employment across the board as many of the past ones have, but rather seems to be targeting specific sectors and types of work. Obviously banking and financial services, but also manufacturing and anyone in a semi-skilled job such as auto workers are especially affected. Needs are pocketed and specific. Talent shortages remain.


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