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Recruiters, You Could be Killing Your Employer Brand

A close friend of mine landed the job of her dreams last week. Competition was fierce, the testing process was exacting, and the interviewing process connected her with very impressive representatives of the firm. Yet when the offer package came, there was a significant typo, which could have translated into several thousand dollars of unintentional income to my friend. Of course my friend pointed out the error, and new docs were drawn up, but something sad happened in the interim.


Disruptive Recruiting: Rethinking What Recruiting Is All About

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. - -Andy Warhol It is time to change the recruiting game. Someone has to reinvent a process that is aged, inefficient, and marginally successful in procuring high-performing employees. Over the past 20 years recruiters have been given magical tools starting with applicant tracking systems , then the Internet, job boards, recruiting websites, and now an array of social media tools.


The Recession’s Lasting Legacy for Recruiting

As the nation and the world emerge from the depths of the recession, labor economists tell us that this recovery will be slower and bumpier than most Americans living today can remember. Like the Great Depression of the 1930s, this one will leave its scars on the economy and the national psyche. Employers will feel its consequences rippling through their workforce and their recruiting efforts, with effects lasting for years, if not an entire generation. What are the consequences for employers? What are the long-lasting changes the recession has wrought on the recruiting and retention of workers


Recruiter Job Famine Coming to an End

Mike Nale is a victim of the recession. In less than three years he has gone from promising founder of a recruitment marketing agency in Oahu, to living in a pay-by-the-day room.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Looking for a job as a recruiter ? After a long lean period, things are looking up. The long night has ended and we’re still here. It’s over. After two years of layoffs the economy is now creating more jobs than it’s losing


Are Recruiters Headed For Interviewing’s OK Corral?

Carol Quinn has an interesting theory that recruiters are about to be ambushed at hiring’s equivalent of the OK Corral. “Interviewers haven’t changed their techniques,” says the CEO of Hire Authority , a recruiter training firm. “But the job seekers have


You Can Still Call Her Jenny, But Watch Out If She Sets Her Sights On Madam President

If Jenny DeVaughn hadn’t fallen in love with recruiting a decade ago, we might be calling her Madam President.


A Christmas Thank You for the Under-Appreciated Recruiter

It’s hard to argue against the fact that 2009 has been a rough year for corporate recruiters. Budgets have been slashed, training has been all but eliminated, and even with reduced recruiting activity, requisition loads are still onerous. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but as it falls at the end of the year, it is an opportune time to take a minute and to thank those who have helped you throughout the year. While executive recruiters used to get huge paychecks and bonuses, corporate recruiters in most organizations can only be classified as under-appreciated


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