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Recruiters Going Rogue

I was listening to Fred Wilson speak at the Social Recruiting Summit about a month ago and found myself wondering what a venture capitalist was doing speaking to a bunch of corporate recruiters. Of course his involvement in the funding for web 2.0 companies such as Twitter and Indeed is a natural connection to a conference aimed at using social media to recruit, but the world of a corporate recruiter is so much different than that of VC. As we neared the end of his presentation I decided to let him attempt to draw the connection for me. My question was very simple, but I didn’t expect to get a valuable answer. You see, I am the type of person who always asks a question when listening to a presentation, but rarely receive insightful answers


Google Hiring 200 Recruiters. NOW!

In what is by now an open secret, Google is hiring 200 recruiters and sourcers for a one-year gig. Details are sketchy, but Dave Mendoza did post an email about the hire to his site Six Degrees From Dave.


Jobfox’s Steven Toole: We’re at the Turnaround Point

Steven Toole doesn’t seem as high on social media recruiting as we are. But he is upbeat about employment, saying that a “perfect storm” is brewing for recruiters in 18-24 months as Americans begin a game of job-hopping musical chairs. Below, Toole talks about these job-market trends, and the upcoming need for a lot of recruiters who have left the profession to come on back.


How Recruiting Can Meet the Challenges of a New Economy

Warning bells are ringing. The emerging economy will be quite different from the one we have come from. There are signs of change everywhere. General Motors breaks down, and Tesla, Phoenix Motorcars, and Detroit Electric begin to make electric cars, changing the paradigm about what a car manufacturer should look like. Companies like IDEO are organizing themselves differently and deliberately to foster innovation


If So Many Have Gone, Who Is Left?

I was talking to my brother a couple days ago and we were talking about the economy. “ It’s bad. That’s spelled B-A-D ,” he moaned. “No, it’s spelled V-E-R-Y B-A-D ,” I corrected, a habit of mine he doesn’t like me for.


Recruiters are all over LinkedIn. Here's how to ensure they find you first. [Part I of a series]

Guest blog by Kim Benedict, Director, Sales and Operations (and LinkedIn guru!) here at Head2Head Editor’s note:


Recruiters’ Role as We Emerge from the Recession

Unemployment is an ugly thing. It not only injures people financially, but socially and emotionally


Beware unscrupulous recruiters

Recently, I have had several candidates tell me that their resumes have been submitted widely without their permission.  These candidates have been disappointed and embarrassed that this has occurred.  For this reason (and for many others that I won’t go into here), I believe it is very important to choose wisely when selecting a recruiter.


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