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Profiles: the New Resume?

I’ve been raving for a good while now about the fact that the resume is doomed. Lets take a quick look at the facts: Resumes are highly subjective, and there is a lack of standardization for the information they present Resumes are loaded with embellishments and misinformation Resumes are hard to deconstruct in a way that helps facilitate automated matching Reviewing resumes causes a serious bottleneck in the hiring process that can tax the bandwidth of hiring personnel as applicant volume increases Of course, resumes do serve an important function in that they provide hiring personnel with a concise package of valuable information. But the fact that they are a calling card that provides a high-level summary of an applicant’s qualifications means that they end up being used incorrectly.


Free New ATS Debuts From Zoho

There’s a new, free, ATS in town. Launched today, Zoho Recruit is a nicely featured candidate management system that’s suitable for smaller employers and staffing agencies. It’s built by the same people who launched Zoho People, a low-cost talent management system we wrote about a while back. Like People, Zoho Recruit handles all the basics, and then some.


Jobvite Offers New Standalone Sourcing Tool

Jobvite is introducing what I hesitate to call a new sourcing tool, only because the term doesn’t really do it justice. Google is a sourcing tool, but while it may get the job done, how long will it take to sift through the results? Jobvite Source is more of a blend of the best attributes of ZoomInfo and Broadlook with access to the social networks as well as the entire Web


Message to Candidates: Cheating Works … Sometimes!

How many applicants fake test results and assessments? Does cheating work?


$3 Million For New Social Recruiting Site

If a startup can land $3 million in angel investment in a market like this, it’s a company worth watching even if it is a close DNA relative to Facebook and LinkedIn and only a gene or two removed from what Jobster once hoped to be. Koda.us is a new networking site that describes itself as “the first platform dedicated to social recruiting, which brings the relationship-oriented process of social networking to job recruiting.” Think of KODA as Facebook without the embarrassing pictures and without the comments from friends you never want mom — or a recruiter — to see.


You know I love you, right?

I’ll just start with that, because I hate to be harsh. I’ve ranted about this before, but nothing drives me crazier than an unprofessional presentation during a job search.  Most people would be surprised if they saw what I’ve been seeing–when the economy goes downhill, so does the work product of the resumes and cover letters I see.  I have lots of unscientific theories about why, but that’s not really the point of this particular post. This post is about your e-mail address.  If your e-mail address is some version of your proper name (and only your proper name), you can stop reading.  For those out there with e-mail addresses on the creative, side, this is for you.  It’s tough enough in today’s economy–there is no reason to make it harder by using a ridiculous e-mail address. You don’t have to pay for an e-mail address anymore.  So even if you love the SurfChick@whatever address you’ve been using for 10 years, get a new one.  CoolLawyer@address, go ahead and change yours as well.  The personal e-mail address you list for correspondence pertaining to your job search should be personal (i.e. not your work e-mail), but it shouldn’t be personal , know what I’m saying?  If your e-mail address references your hobbies (BakingManiac@…), your pet’s name (Fluffy’sMom@…), or whether you are attractive (CuteAtty@…), please do not put it on your resume.  Today I saw ANOTHER e-mail address with some cheeky innuendo.  Why are you harpooning your job search efforts


Who Should You Listen to for Resume Advice?

Once you embark upon a job search your resume, perhaps previously gathering dust in a file drawer, will become the most important document you own. Job seekers have a tendency to show everyone they know a copy of their resume; many of them seem to weigh each opinion equally and continuously edit the resume based on the most recent "great advice" they have been given. It seems like everyone has an opinion about what you need to do to create a good resume. In fact, if you do a quick Google search you will find that there is no shortage of resume writers in this country.


Don't Try to Be Clever on Your Resume

Resumes are straightforward documents. They should list information that describes your education, the companies for which you have worked, what your jobs were, and what you accomplished in those jobs


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