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Social Recruiting – Tweet Yourself To $500

In the wake of ERE’s Social Recruiting Summit Monday comes a contest to expand job seeker use of Twitter, while another quarter counsels caution in how job seekers use social media, but says it’s a must for 21st-century workers. TweetMyJobs, one of the first job distribution services to use Twitter, is now using the service and its followers to promote itself.  TweetMyJobs is running a contest that has a plasma TV or $500 as its grand prize and the only requirement for winning is to watch a video and enter . So far, so traditional


Social Recruiting Ad Packages – Facebook and Linkedin

With both Facebook and Linkedin after your recruiting budget should you be trying out their ad packages?  Well, before you decide I've set-up trials with both to see how well they work and how easy they are to track. Facebook They offer a CPC and CPM pricing model in one format albeit text and image.  It is very easy to set-up and the targeting looks pretty good. Linkedin They offer the same as Facebook PLUS the option of job ads although both are in US $ only!  Again nice set-up process and targeting.  For advertisers wanting to spend more than $25,000 there are additional options


Social Recruiting Summit Videos

In case you missed the Summit people are talking about up at Google last week, or just want to go back and take another look, here are some videos and recordings Brendan (poor guy had to stand all day) took. We don’t have all of the videos. Also, since this was live, streaming, video, it’s not going to be the picture quality of regular filming


The Evolution of Recruiting

Earlier this week, I and 224 of my closest friends attended the first ever Social Recruiting Summit at the Google HQ in Mountain View, CA. We were also joined by thousands of you who caught the live stream in your office and at home. If you missed any of the sessions, several of them have been archived here .


Social Recruiting: over before it ever got started!

It makes me smile how we are starting to hear comments about social recruiting being a SCAM or over already.  Yes, it has yet to prove itself but as I remind people; job boards have taken over the recruitment advertising market - things change. The big employers are going to be cautious for very good reasons but social networks are not being ignored.  For a Global organisation, having a global resourcing strategy without social media is hard enough, throw in the likes of Facebook and it gets that little bit harder so they are bound to be cautious.  The bigger issue though is how robust is their current process/infrastructure?  No point driving loads more traffic to a career site that can't handle it or, setting up Twitter profiles that never converse. 2009 is the year of research in readiness for 2010.  So don't panic if you think you are behind; there's still time!


The mother of all Talent Wars is less than a year away

Although the green shoots are pretty weak and we may have a while to go before we start to see some real recovery, when we do, and every employer that is hibernating wakes up, they will have zero talent pool.  Their FD/CFO better find a big agency budget pretty quick before the only people left are those that don't want to work; and even if they did turn up that's no guarantee they will actually do some work!


Outsource your twitter profile. Should you? Would you? Could you?

OK so it sounds like a real bad thing to do for some but some of it can be outsourced. Initial set-up, particularly automated accounts such as job feeds


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