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Enough of my laziness .. so back to committing on my blog.


Transformative Change, Relocation, and Cheap Sourcing Tactics

Did you see the contest to get a free trip to the #socialrecruiting summit?


Breaking Down Talent Barriers

Having trouble finding the right talent for your positions? Getting bombarded with the wrong types of candidates? I’ve consulted and worked with a number of clients over the past 10 years, and in that time have seen many good recruiting practices and programs, as well as my fair share of bad strategies and processes. I’ve come up with a short list of the most common barriers I’ve witnessed to recruit top talent. While this isn’t a complete list, these are the top few that most will be able to relate to.


Crowdsourcing: A Red-Balloon-Finding Contest Shows the Future of Recruiting

Mark it in your calendar that on December 5, 2009, the world of sourcing changed forever. Sourcing , for those unfamiliar with the term (hopefully not many reading this article), is the process of identifying potential candidates who have not applied for employment with your organization.


Is it Just Jigsaw That’s in ZoomInfo’s Sights?

What do you suppose ZoomInfo is up to? The company launched Fresh Contacts a month ago offering participants two months free access to the ZoomInfo database just for uploading their personal contacts. Upload one or one thousand contacts, it’s all the same – two months’ access to the 45 million contacts and 5 million company profiles ZoomInfo claims. Without a doubt, it’s a shot over the bow of competitor Jigsaw , which built its leads business on an early faith in crowdsourcing


Google’s Universal Customization Has SEO Implications

In a blog post of less than 300 words late Friday afternoon, Google announced changes to the way search results will be reported. From now on, the results of an identical keyword search could be different for each user


Dice Offers Searchers Something Extra, Passive Candidates

Two new tools have debuted recently. One will help with your sourcing research and the other promotes the passive candidate who may be overlooked by tech recruiters seeking fresh candidates.


Leverage Your Own Social Network

Social networks are so hyped right now among recruiters that it is hard to separate their real value and purpose from often overblown marketing promises. By creating a social network specifically for your organization, you can differentiate yourself from the crowd, build your brand, and find most of the candidates you need without any other sourcing techniques. Rethinking how we source is not easy


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