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Mancession Taking a Toll On Dad

Dad could use a little TLC this Father’s Day. Whether employed or one of the 8.6 million men out of work, fathers are feeling stressed, fatigued, and for the 2.7 million who have been out of work more than six months, discouraged. The “mancession,” a catchy, sound-bite of a description for the recession has hit men, especially those at mid-career, disproportionately hard.


Free Job Board Demos? It Happens In The U.K.

Imagine 70 or so of the largest job boards in the U.S. volunteering to disclose their site demographics and user details and have all the data made available to the public? For free


Surveys Show Workers Are Ready To Make Changes

A raft of recent surveys shows that the recession is having a profound impact on workers and employment trends worldwide. Even though they measure different things — global hiring, immigration repatriation, and career trends — there’s a theme here, which is that the economy is global and when it recovers, things will not go back to the way they were. There’s the report from Monster this week that says vast numbers of workers are ready to swit ch careers for a new job


Father’s Day Survey: Dads Prefer Work To Kids

New age dads are embracing some old-school ideas about gender roles, according to a CareerBuilder survey out just in time for Father’s Day.


Recruiters Amping Up Interest In Social Media

ERE’s first Social Recruiting Summit gets underway Monday, appropriately enough, at Google world headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley. That it’s a sold-out conference should be no surprise, considering the virtual stampede of recruiters to social media. Surveys in just the last month from Jobvite, Arbita , LinkedIn and others show the fascination recruiters have with social media. The Jobvite report found 72 percent of the surveyed recruiters will invest more in social networks this year. Contrast that with the 26 percent who expect to spend more on job boards


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