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Chaos Recruiting

It's only a matter of time before we know; but when we do we will! Too many corporate recruiters are too busy not recruiting and NOT planning for the chaos that will ensue once the economy kicks back in.  The housing market will take a lot longer to pick up which will make recruitment harder; as much as people may want to relocate, not being able sell/buy will stop people moving around so much.  Yet a small positive change in the economy now (Tesco, Boots, ASDA etc) will slowly but surely have a knock-on effect. It will of course start slowly and the odd agency fee that sneaks in here and there, will go unnoticed but as the pressure builds, up go the volume of agency hires, down goes the availability of good people, up go the agency fees, down goes HR.  Agencies are not going anywhere and if they come back stronger, you have to wonder where this leaves HR; if they are found to be maximising agencies and job boards whilst minimising their employer brand. The agency budget will be given back to operations who will "create" a budget to save money.  HR could of course take some of their agency budget and invest it in longer term strategic projects which will help them: Build a talent pool. Reduce their reliance on indirect recruitment advertising channels.


Will the job advert ever get Twittered?

I did a quick search on a big job board for a few jobs and still find that the job advert content is as dull as ever.  I'm not sure if the job boards should limit the amount of characters similar to the way Twitter does so that content would need to be VERY focused on the key message.  Or are job adverts never going to change? Problem is, I'm not really sure of the answer on this one!


Twitter should address cyber squatting

I've only checked asdajobs and tescojobs on Twitter but both have been hijacked by Check4jobs; I'm sure they are squatting on many more names so both Twitter and the brand owners should take action to block them.  They should also block them from scraping jobs from their sites as well.  It is this kind of underhand tactic that gets the recruitment industry a bad name and forces changes that will result in big brands charging the job boards to display their jobs/brand.  It is also up to the original advertiser where relevant to stop this kind of activity.  I'm all for jobs being aggregated where permission is granted but taking a brand name on a site such as Twitter is totally out of order.  So Check4jobs; we will be on your case!


The Social Employer Brand

Large employers will no doubt be finding budget for their employer brand and the snake oil salesmen agencies will be rubbing their hands in glee.  But what about the social employer brand.  Although many employers are still scared of social networks, and admit to not really knowing where to start, like it or not they need to make the most of social networks. The likes of Facebook and Twitter may not have really proved themselves yet as hardcore recruiting channels but they do have a place in the recruitment process.  Smart employers will find a way of getting the most out of these channels without using all of their time or money.  Recruitment agencies will need to get smarter to survive; ad agencies will need to re-think how they can provide value when so many social networking services are free! Employers have the desire; they just don't know where to start.


Help wanted for Twitter Workshop – London June 25 2009

I am running the above event and thought it may (hopefully) be a good idea to get some additional support on the day from people who are on Twitter and would find it both fun and interesting to be part of the event rather than solely be a delegate.  Hence this post! I won't be paying you to help out but will be offering a free place (worth £495) and lunch for anyone that wants to be involved with the day.  May suit some corporate recruiters who would prefer to get there early to help set-up and save £495 of their recruiting budget?! If you are interested send me a DM only.  No other methods open for 'applications'.  Any questions please @petergold99 only to share answers.


The mother of all Talent Wars is less than a year away

Although the green shoots are pretty weak and we may have a while to go before we start to see some real recovery, when we do, and every employer that is hibernating wakes up, they will have zero talent pool.  Their FD/CFO better find a big agency budget pretty quick before the only people left are those that don't want to work; and even if they did turn up that's no guarantee they will actually do some work!


The Job Seeker's Triathlon & Twitter Treat: The Day That Each One Reached One

It was a risk worth taking! Candidates had always found difficulty "getting in the door." Recently job fairs had become ghosts of what they once had been and Human Resource Managers, Recruiters and Hiring Managers seemed elusive. It was as if part of job search had morphed into job chase and sometimes even job stalk just to get someone to speak with you


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