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Lizz Pellet’s Good, Bad, and Ugly

Yahoo, Beth Israel Deaconess, and Hyatt each handled the recession and the prospect of layoffs differently. Hyatt, says branding/culture speaker Lizz Pellet in the video interview below, deserves a big thumbs-down.


Ann Troxell: Recruiting Ad Budgets Aren’t Budging

Companies are getting “very comfortable” with the idea that they don’t need to spend a lot of recruiting dollars, says Bayard’s Ann Troxell, in the video below. Troxell says this comfort stems from the “frightening” belief among senior management that turnover will stay low.


Jobfox’s Steven Toole: We’re at the Turnaround Point

Steven Toole doesn’t seem as high on social media recruiting as we are. But he is upbeat about employment, saying that a “perfect storm” is brewing for recruiters in 18-24 months as Americans begin a game of job-hopping musical chairs. Below, Toole talks about these job-market trends, and the upcoming need for a lot of recruiters who have left the profession to come on back.


David Szary’s Green Shoots

David Szary says financial services companies are hiring — a lot.


Legal Recruiting Firm Tries to Goose Up Its Brand

How would you brand a newly minted London firm that recruits intellectual property attorneys for jobs all over the world? With a video of a wedding photographer kicking a goose, of course.


Why Recruiting Has to Go Video

We live in a world of pictures, movies, and sound. The printed word is being replaced and expanded by cheap, easy access to video websites like YouTube as well as sites such as Hulu.com and Veoh.com. According to Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, more than 25 percent of the content that workers view each day will be dominated by pictures, video or audio by 2013. As of this past February, emarketer.com ranked YouTube as the fifth-most popular website in the United States, eclipsed only by the likes of Google (who owns YouTube), Yahoo, and Microsoft.


Interview From Anywhere: Live Video Interviews Are Now a Best Practice (Part II of II)

Last week I introduced this series on the use of “live” video interviews by briefly discussing the business case and primary advantages for organizations adopting the emerging best practice. This second and final installment, built on the list of advantages introduced last week , introduces some problems you should anticipate and proposes some approaches to improve the scheduling of any in-person interviews that you hold. Recording “Live” Video Interviews Provide Several Additional Benefits Not all firms choose to record and keep their live video interviews, primarily due to technology limitations, cost, or privacy concerns (no candidate wants to find an embarrassing interview posted on YouTube). However, if you do record your interviews, there are several benefits that can accrue to your firm, including: Documentation — both the questions and the answers can be documented so that you can legally demonstrate what happened (and what didn’t) should a hiring decision be challenged. Later viewing — recording your interviews allows you to show it to others who could not be present during the original interview.


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