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Automating your Twitter account can be good. Really.

I said it.  You can automate your Twitter feeds and not bother having any conversations with people on Twitter.  No longer do you need to be tied to your Twitter account responding and commenting on every sip of coffee, bite of toast, moment of woe....... Of course the social media police will be after my login and the social media experts/gurus/consultants/know-it-alls will decry me as some kind of anti-Twitter and burn my profile at the s(tw)ake.  But life goes on. But let me put this in context.  There are no social media rules.  We are all making it up as we go along.  Put some operational reality around it.  In a recent post on SMT Best Buy asks the wrong question on Facebook the author Maggie McGarry berates Best Buy for taking down their post due to the negative comments (racist and aggressive).  Whereas YouTube have left very nasty, hated filled, racist and aggressive comments against this video of an ex-ASDA employee damaging stock.  Surely this kind of comment stream should be removed?  Why should large organisations have to "suffer" in silence just because social media God's say so. On TwiTip David Wright writes his post Six Quick Ways to Becoming a Twitter Pariah which is amusing and scarily accurate of some people.  Alan Weiss ( @BentleyGTCSpeed ) has 1,100+ followers but follows 0 people.  Andrew Badera took great offence to this and ranted somewhat because Alan did not follow the rules.  Read his post: Alan Weiss on Twitter: Consultant's Syndrome? Or just a jerk at work


Best Buy: Why (some) UK retailers should be scared

How many UK retailers really display this kind of open, forward thinking, modern leadership?


Social Media Revolution Video

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Facebook Page – make it easier to keep in touch

With all the different communication channels available such as blogs, YouTube, Twitter, latest jobs etc it is of course hard work for a potential job seeker to stay up to date with a number of employer latest activities.  Add in the word "passive" and it gets that little bit harder. Friendfeed My own favourite is Friendfeed because I think it works really well and is very easy to follow.  You can subscribe to my FF feed at http://friendfeed.com/petergold99 . However, many potential job seekers will not know too much about FF which is where good old Facebook comes in; plus FB has just acquired Friendfeed so two may become one shortly anyway. Facebook By creating a company Page you can also aggregate the various feeds you want.  Although the "big" questions always seems to be how to manage the Page you don't of course have to start off with the Forum instead making it a bit more of a one-way update whilst you gauge the level of interest.  I know some of you will say this defeats the idea but this is just a start point for now.  The monitoring aspect can always be outsourced if necessary! I've set-up my Hire Strategies Facebook Page ; feel free to have a look - it may be the final option as FF may soon be gone!


Social Media: connected or dis-connected?

The Dinosaurs are out in earnest with their claims of "when we were lads this is how WE did it".  All about building relationships, picking up the phone, meeting and greeting.  Not all this social media stuff . Bill Boorman , who admits to being a recruitment dinosaur is still banging his "pick up the phone" mentality (Check out his free sales competition and then you know why [maybe] you are getting more calls than usual).  Andy Headworth is now following suit with his latest blog post entitled " Has social caused us to lose the power of speech ". Even Seth Godin seems to be contradicting himself somewhat on the YouTube video below (thank Andy H for finding this). Don't get me wrong, I agree with some of the views of my learned friends above; they are of course a lot smarter than me.  Even Seth is "correct" in that loads of Friends and Followers does not mean you will convert loads of business and have lots of REAL friends who will go the extra mile for you.


Social Recruiting 16/17 September Nottingham & London only £299

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My way or your way! Do software vendors know best?

Getting the process defined is often the toughest job when implementing a new recruitment system.  I've heard an SAP quote that basically says the buyer should change their process to suit the software and that they (SAP) can prove the value with examples of customers who have followed this route and reaped the rewards.  This may of course be an urban myth but it does resonate with my own experience; both client based and when I have implemented my own CRM systems. When I see some of the recruitment processes that have been deployed, and have then had the opportunity to streamline them, the SAP approach yet again bears fruit. So, next time you are reviewing your recruitment process think not how can I change the software but how should I change to make more of the software.  You may not agree but what have you got to lose!?


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