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Crowdsourcing: A Red-Balloon-Finding Contest Shows the Future of Recruiting

Mark it in your calendar that on December 5, 2009, the world of sourcing changed forever. Sourcing , for those unfamiliar with the term (hopefully not many reading this article), is the process of identifying potential candidates who have not applied for employment with your organization.


Recruiter’s Recruiter Launches Twitter Job Site

I don’t personally know Carmen Hudson. But I’d like to.


Understanding the Available Social Media Recruiting Strategies – Leveraging Your Employees’ Time (Part 2 of 2)

Last week I introduced this series by stating that a majority of social recruiting initiatives currently in progress in organizations around the world would fail primarily because they relied solely on the limited resources of the recruiting function to establish visibility online, engage an audience, and service that audience throughout a multi-stage conversion cycle. This week my attention turns to why the recruiting function cannot — and should not — be the primary executor of social media activities, as well as tips for getting the rest of the organization to help out. A List of Reasons Why Recruiters Can’t or Shouldn’t Do It All There are a variety reasons why recruiters shouldn’t be expected to handle most of the day-to-day aspects of social media recruiting and communications. Some of them include: The volume is unmanageable — given the normal recruiting load, if you need as few as 10 prospects in order to generate a single hire, the total number of contacts and the number of messages that a single recruiter would need to generate a trusted social relationship would quickly become unmanageable


The New, New Thing

I recently tried to arrange a meeting with someone visiting the Twin Cities and learned from his office that he’d asked that anyone wanting to reach him should “Tweet me.” Tweet me? E-mail or text messaging not good enough? Let me get this straight: I should try and arrange a private meeting to discuss a potential business deal using a medium that is literally open to the world. I have a better idea — Tweet yourself.


Understanding the Available Social Media Recruiting Strategies — Leveraging Your Employees’ Time (Part 1 of 2)

Social media presents progressive organizations with a plethora of recruiting-centric opportunities. Every day, new ways to directly source talent, support the engagement of people with the organization, market employment opportunities, and influence the employer brand arise. The sheer volume of potential directions to follow is confusing, daunting, and at times, just plain overwhelming. While some organizations have stuck a stick in the sand and are pushing forward with a defined approach, the majority of efforts currently underway will fail for one key reason: they rely solely upon a small handful of individuals attempting to maintain visibility in a sea of content growing exponentially


Tweet to LinkedIn and Vice Versa

A deal announced Monday  between Twitter and LinkedIn makes it a snap now for users of both services to cross post status messages. You can choose to have some or all your tweets posted to your LinkedIn groups and vice versa.


Personal Brand Building For Under $100

What do you get when you search your name online? Aw, come on. Of course you’ve looked yourself up on the Internet.


The Many Benefits of Social Network Recruiting: Making a Compelling Business Case

How do you convince cynical executives to fund a social network recruiting effort?


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