The most important Service Level Agreement?

In our recent post, the Backlash is Back, we promised to discuss “game changing”, low tech techniques/tactics (we call them web 0.0) that Elite Recruiters execute flawlessly 95% of the time!

To kick off that discussion, last week Bradley provided thoughts and ideas about being a Strategic Business Partner and the importance of defining the staffing process and setting service level agreements (or SLAs) with your hiring manager.

To me, the most important Service Level Agreement you can set with your hiring manager to manage initial expectations and improve and maintain excellent customer service is – – Requisition Received to “first submittal”.

Defined: This is the time that occurs between you as the recruiter receiving and qualifying the requisition from the hiring manager to the time you send over the first pre-screened, qualified candidates for consideration (or a pre-determined # or slate of qualified candidates).

9 times out of 10, when you ask a hiring manager the question during the intake session – – “when do you need this person” . . .

They respond – – “yesterday” or “ASAP“.

And probably 9 times out of 10, recruiters walk away from that discussion without setting an expectation of when the hiring manager should start to see quality applicant flow from them.

Will you have candidates to interview in 2 days? 10 days? never?

I wrote an article on this subject last August that I thought you might want to check out.

In addition – – if you are interested in an example of a Staffing Process Service Level Agreement and how we have this question defined in our Intake session, please email us.

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David Szary

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