The road to somewhere (maybe). Tracking applicant-to-hire.


Would you sign up to an expensive trip with the promise of getting somewhere nice?  Would you expect to know what it would look like when you got there, know when you had arrived and how long it would take?  I'm sure you'd also want to know what you'd need for the journey, if there were any additional costs, and what would happen if for any reason there were delays; in fact you'd expect compensation for delays wouldn't you?

So why is it that very few people have the same expectations when they invest money in recruitment advertising?

We come across so many advertising campaigns that think they know where they are going but have no idea of how they will know (measures) and no contingency plan for when they don't get the results they had hoped for; other than more money.

Here's what a simple plan should include:

  1. Clearly defined goals (tend to exist albeit not too specific).
  2. Well crafted advert copy (more often just a job description).
  3. Relevant landing pages (rarely seen).
  4. Follow-on advert copy if direct to a job (just a repeat of the job description again).
  5. Automated tracking code from referral site to conversion (the ATS rarely does this well so stop thinking it does).
  6. Source of application (hard but possible).

Of course there is more detail to go into but in essence that's it.  But how many HR/Recruitment teams track their advertising spend to this level? Imagine an online Marketing team that did NOT have at least this level of information!  I know a marketing spend is much greater but if recruitment spend was tracked more accurately then maybe they'd have more to invest in their team.

We were able to reduce job board sepnd by 50% with one client purely because we tracked source-to-hire VERY accurately.  The job boards that were no longer used argued vehemently that we were wrong but the subsequent 12-month period suggested we were right.  Things do of course change but without accurate tracking information how can you realistically trial new channels?

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