There's gold in them thar CV's

Linkedin are constantly adding more and more features to make search ever easier and Monster are launching the teeth gnashing Power Resume Search.  Then of course we have the CV parsing technologies being added to the ATS's and before we know it, the recruiter has as many places to search as they do post.  And what about the poor job seeker?  What about giving them a Power Job Search?

But are we missing the point.  Surely half the reason for search is that recruiters have way too many CV's that are irrelevant but they can't get to the good ones that easily.  Maybe if something was created for the job seeker it would help them find the right job and stop them just blasting out as many CV's as possible?  Maybe not…

So is the next step for Linkedin to add more and more CRM type functionality?  Do we end up with the ATS being all about “post screen” and being more about shortlist to hire?  Or is the ATS going to become less complex and focus purely on processing and reports?  Lots of mashing and crossover of functionality in the recruitment process.  Imagine trying to track all of this – makes that ROI dream even more dream like.

Either way, and I can't think it will become that much clearer that soon and expect 2010 to be grey skies tinged with some pockets of blue.  Whoever can make the best CV mining tool may just be a winner!

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