Things About Job Searching That Mama Never Told You

The following list was created by author Billie Sucher of Career Transition Services. A guru of human nature pertaining to job searching; she invited job seekers to add their own observations. I invite CareerBoard readers to do the same.

One of the things I love to do is make lists, jot notes and keep track of stuff. Yesterday I was rummaging through my files looking for something and came across a file captioned “Things Mama Never Told You 2009.” In it, I found scribbles, notes, and thoughts that people had shared with me about the process of looking for work. Feel free to add your own ideas to those listed below:

1. That it will take longer than you think to discover a new opportunity.

2. That you may need to look to self to generate income by: starting a business; self-employment; independent contractor; accepting a straight commission job; moonlighting and/or starting a business on the side while working full-time.

3. That not everyone will want you, regardless of how educated, experienced, credentialed, talented or awesome you may be.

4. That you will be surprised by how much you get rejected.

5. That just because you think you had a great interview, it doesn’t mean the employer thinks so.

6. That you may be asked illegal or inappropriate questions during an interview.

7. That you may take things way too personally when they don’t go your way.

8. That you will need to have a laser-like focus and an open mind.

9. That people you thought would help you don’t; that people you thought wouldn’t help you do.

10. That hunting for work is like finding a needle in a haystack, so become an expert at hunting for needles in haystacks.

11. That technology is a tool and that people hire people.

12. That you may not find a good job; you might land an interim gig.

13. That you may work as an independent consultant, project-to-project for an organization, so long as your expertise is needed and there is funding to pay for it.

14. That you can never go back to what was; that you can only maneuver through what is.

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