Things I Couldn't Tell You for 14 Years

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For 14 years I was an executive recruiter and I was good! Well maybe not good for you but my mind’s eye could select a preferred candidate from a mile away. But alas, there were all the other hopefuls interviewing their little hearts out attempting to impress me. Corporate executives, Directors, Managers and those in the trenches all attempted to become the chosen and alas, though they performed their jobs with genius, most performed miserably when attempting to secure an offer.

As an individual representing corporations I was bound to protect them from liability so my true thoughts and what I communicated to you could have been two different things. Today I am a job search coach and prepared to tell you what I couldn’t for so long. So here’s why I didn’t hire you!

– You were so busy trying to impress me that you neglected to refer to the company or the job! It was all about you!

– You were arrogant and tried to make me believe that you made no mistakes. No super humans work here!

– You lacked focus. You rambled when you responded to my inquiries and lost me somewhere between R&D and your college days.

– You acted defensive when I questioned you. Hey I didn’t downsize you; of course I won’t hire you either. You’re too angry.

– You were too quiet and withdrawn. I shouldn’t have to work so hard to get to know you. My customers wouldn’t.

– You looked awful! Too much jewelry, tight-fitting clothes, worn-out shoes, bad perfume and un-kept hair. You don’t need to be beautiful for me to hire you…just job search beautiful.

– You were fun! Told me jokes, shared pictures of your kids and went on about March Madness. Want a friend? Get a dog!

– You asked what I would pay you but gave me no reason to hire you. So I didn’t.

What’s the lesson here? If you wish me to pay you give me a reason. There are many job seekers who “get it” and now you do too!

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