Too Many Resumes: Too Little Time

Scenario: What to do if you are drowning in resumes and still can’t find the candidate you need.

They say you should be thrilled.  The unemployment rate is so high that
it is raining resumes.  Your candidate must be in there, somewhere. 
Only thing is that you’re going blind from scanning resumes for the
elusive, one-in-a-thousand, qualified candidate.  As you do, you wonder
whether this is what you went to college to do – repetitive, apparently
useless sifting through CVs.  With each successive resume, you casually
wonder why candidates don’t read the job requirements.  Then you wonder
whether they can read.  Oh yes, and then there are the resumes that don't seem particularly truthful.

No recruiting organization should rely on job postings to fill its
openings.  To do so leaves you powerless to do anything, but hope and
pray, that the right candidate applies.   Instead of drowning in
resumes, try the following:


  • Focus your time and resources on what’s most important: ushering interested, qualified candidates through to hire.

  • Take
    a simple, proactive approach. Instead of waiting for the right
    candidate to apply, conduct research to identify the best people for
    the job.

  • Systematically call and email prospects to convert them to viable candidates.

  • If
    your sourcing team has trouble converting IDs to candidates, as is
    often the case, outsource candidate identification and development to a
    trusted search partner.

  • Off-load applicant resumes to search partners to review and screen.

In the end, it pays to take a strategic approach to the recruitment of
passive candidates.  Done the right way, you can deliver the winning
candidate in the space of just a couple of weeks.  Done the wrong way,
you can call endless lists of candidates to no avail.  That is why, in
most cases, it is essential to forge a strategic recruitment
relationship with a search partner that takes an investigative approach
to find the shortest path to the best candidates.  Remember, even in
this economy, the best ones remain elusive and rarely appear as
applicants at your front door.

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