Treating candidates like customers

I know it’s a bit of an overused phrase but I don’t quite mean it in the same way.  Having said that, service is so crappy these days being treated badly by HR or an agency is probably no different to the typical level of customer service you get anyway.

I hate the term “Talent Pool” as most employers don’t have a clue how to build one let alone maintain one but to be fair, the ATS vendors don’t make it easy.  Although even the great CRM tools such as Salesforce are not that great either.  But, there are a number of different, very low cost marketing tools available that applied intelligently can work really well to build and maintain a candidate database.

Here is what I would do if I were an agency or corporate recruiter:

  • Build a contact list by using various searches across job boards databases, Linkedin etc.
  • Create a dedicated “talent site” with a simple sign-up process and message.
  • Build a marketing campaign to promote my employer brand/talent site.
  • Create a series of “stay in touch” e-mails and information about my brand.
  • Set-up a simple auto responder system to filter candidates for future job opportunities.
  • Market jobs direct as and when the time is right.
Simple, effective and low cost.  Yes it takes a bit of effort, but it works.  If it is so simple why don’t people do it?  Best I don’t answer that in public.

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