Tribeca Film Festival — Movies and Career Change

city_island_still1This week, I’m running around Tribeca covering the Tribeca Film Festival for and interviewing filmmakers for another project (more on that soon). I am an unabashed movie geek and I love being part of the film fest scene and seeing the latest work from the world’s greatest filmmakers.

In the future, when I am feeling overwhelmed by the time and work that go into writing a book, I need to stop and remember how much more time and work (and money)  go into making a film (especially any film that miraculously overcomes the many obstacles and actually appears in a theater near you). At least I don’t have to raise millions of dollars and hire a cast and crew for every book project. I have great respect for all of  the filmmakers who are showing their babies at Tribeca this year.

Check out my coverage of the festival. My latest review is of City Island, a new movie starring Andy Garcia as a prison guard who dreams of a career change.

Career change continues to be a popular movie theme. Filmmakers know that work is one of the central dramas in any life.  I saw another example at the premiere of Serious Moonlight (with Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton, Kristen Bell, and Justin Long). Timothy Hutton’s character hates his job — which is one of the factors that ultimately leads him to the point of being duct-taped to a toilet (stay tuned for the review if you want to know more). The movie is directed by Cheryl Hines from a script written by the late,  great writer/director Adrienne Shelly, who was tragically killed in 2006.

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