Twitter growth slows – or does it? Some interesting and real stats shared.

I came across this kind of by accident really.  I was looking at a link from one of my Twitter posts and the stats made interesting reading; to me at least anyway!
  • 51% of clicks were from the US.
  • 17% of clicks were from the UK.
  • 93% of people used a client/app to view/click on the link.
  • 4% clicked on the link from Twitter!!
In absolute terms, the above example had 414 clicks purely via my Twitter feed (this is relevant).  So I checked a few more just out of interest and even one that has had 73,000 clicks (nothing to do with me, I’m just a contributor!) and get very similar stats regardless of the traffic source i.e. just me or many.

What does this say (to me)?  Maybe as more people get into Twitter they see the value of apps and migrate away from the Twitter interface.  The US is still the biggest adopter of Twitter.  The UK is moving fast.

Maybe the future of Twitter isn’t Twitter but the concept of a big box of data in the middle and apps getting value from it.  And now my head hurts…..

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