U gotta luv ur ATS

Because it is a “she” and we all know what happens if we don’t love her!  Here are a few traits that I base my view on.
  1. They ALL look great at the beauty parade.
  2. The better they look the less sense they make when they speak.
  3. You have to change how you work to suit them.
  4. They appear low cost when you first start out but just become more costlier the longer you have them.
  5. To get out of your “agreement” costs a small fortune; even if you are right.
  6. It’s never a fault with them; it’s always user error.
  7. The brain (code) logic never quite makes sense.
  8. Under the bonnet, the logic is scrambled.
  9. The mulit-tasking module just makes you do lots of things badly BUT all at the same time.
  10. Shouting at them does not help.
Luckily I love technology; life would be so mudane without it!
DISCLAIMER: I am married, have two young daughters and two cats. I am currently suffering from “just let the cat out just before she goes to the vet” fear. It is all my fault; I didn’t read her mind! (An e-mail would have helped)

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