What Do Employers Really Say About Their Former Employees?

Thinking about your prospects for landing that new job? You should think first about what your former boss and other references will say about you. While many employees believe that a former employer can’t, or won’t say anything negative about them, Allison & Taylor, Inc. says they might be unpleasantly surprised at the truth…

Isn’t it corporate policy that an employer will only confirm the dates and title of employment?

Allison & Taylor, Inc. has found (since their inception in 1984) – that most managers and HR representatives will ultimately offer them some information about former employees beyond the normal purview of confirming dates and titles of employment. Note that there is absolutely nothing illegal about A&T’s consultants asking your references for additional input on their employment experience with you.

How common is it that past bosses will badmouth former employees?

Over 50% of the reference checks we conduct come back as negative in scope (sometimes, significantly negative). Clearly, many of our clients have lost good job offers due to bad or mediocre comments from previous employers.

I have a separation agreement with my previous employer saying that neither of us will say negative things about the other. Should I have any cause for concern?

Having such an agreement in place is no guarantee that your previous employer will necessarily honor it. Unfortunately, we have seen countless instances where prior employers did not honor their written agreement with their employees.

This information was submitted to Ultimate Resumes by Jeff Shane, Vice President of Allison & Taylor, the nation’s oldest professional employment verification and reference checking firm. If you want to find out more about their services contact www.allisontaylor.com or 800-651-2470.

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