What is Up with My Job Search?

Maybe nothing! Unless you are not hunting hard enough! Check out these true stories!

John is a former client now serving as a District Sales Manager in central Ohio. With the economy beginning to turn, he called me with an opening for an Account Executive. We often have former clients hire from us so I sent three resumes. These were really fantastic candidates! Three weeks passed and nothing.

So tonight John calls and indicates that his counterpart from Cleveland also needs an Account Executive. Fantastic opportunity for another candidate but what about the three I sent for the Columbus opening? Oh John will be calling each of them but not until next week because
1. He just came off vacation…
2. His boss is in town all week.

So while Jeff, John and Scott, some of my best candidates would have probably waited and wondered, rather than continuing to move on, (they are unaware of the submission) there were no flaws in their candidacies!

The moral? Employers will never contact you as quickly as you would like but that doesn’t mean they won’t contact you. Stuff happens! Don’t be surprised if you get an interview long after you believed a lead to have cooled. Just don’t wait!

Here’s another true story about a family member. It just happened:
Jason is a first year teacher but with a Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language. With our growing immigrant community one would think that educators would be at a premium, especially those, like Jason, who prefer urban environments. After applying to schools throughout the US he was interviewed by an Ohio organization. He loved the students and the fit was perfect. Following a day-long visit to the school he was told to expect a call the next day. It came with an inquiry regarding his availability. He asked if they were making an offer and they responded affirmatively. Then no communication for two weeks; they wouldn’t return his calls. Who knew they were testing students? It was tough on Jason but he wasn’t going to chase them, and the day he accepted another offer, the first school apologized and invited him to trial teach. He too apologized but the auditions weren’t necessary. He was teaching in real time!

It’s difficult not to see lack of communication or follow-up as a sign of rejection, but we never really know…until we go behind the scenes!

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