What Kinds of People Hiring Managers Like!

Hiring managers are in quite a mood and I like it! Right now they are very predictable which makes my Job Search/Interview Coach role fun! If we put ourselves in their shoes, it’s a no-brainer. Here goes!

– Hiring Managers like people about whom they won’t have to worry. On an interview you can actually tell an employer that whatever else is happening in a department, you can always be counted upon. If morale is low you can uplift others! Give examples in your past employment.

– Hiring Managers like people who know something about and take interest in their industries. You won’t get very far on the interview if you don’t know what the company does anyway, but knowing about the business and the industry as a whole is a big advantage. Schmooze it!

– Hiring Managers like people who are seasoned, learned and experienced! Because of the economy they don’t want to gamble on inexperience and they won’t cut you a paycheck for it. Those of us who have been around a couple of decades have been led to believe that we are operating at a disadvantage. Not so! Show your stuff! Be proud of your station in life!

– Hiring Managers like leadership, even if you’re not the boss! They trust sensible folks who rise to the occasion should the need occur. There are three kinds of people…those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who ask, “what happened?” You choose!

– Hiring Managers really like pleasant people. It’s amazing how much an employer is willing to bend when he believes an individual will be good for morale. I’ve heard comments such as “we really didn’t want to pay this much but we need this candidate,” and “we really wanted someone who could, but we can teach him! Our clients will love him!”

– Hiring Managers like support. The feeling that someone will watch our backs is priceless. Enough said. But as job seekers you must transmit this quality. If you are supportive give examples the hiring manager will get the idea!

Notice what all these things have in common? They focus more on the humanity of employment and less on robotic qualifications! Sure we have to qualify for the job but if you received an invitation to interview someone saw something they liked on that resume! Now make sure you let them see not only what you’ve got but what you’re like! Humans hire humans!

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