What's a marketing process?

Ask any recruiter and they'll have a recruitment process; even if it is only “in their head” it will kind of exist.  There will also be:

  • An interview process.
  • An assessment process.
  • A new hire set-up process.
  • A payroll process.
  • And quite a few more besides.
But, ask them what their marketing process is and I'll bet you get a mumbled answer at best.  No marketing process, no way you'll get consistent, measurable results.  You'll chuck a load of money away but that's about all you'll get.  Thing is, it's not actually that hard.  Why's no-one doing it?  Well, it's the same for any part of any business; marketing rarely gets the attention it deserves because it “doesn't work” and costs too much without delivering enough value.  Maybe true in many cases but, it doesn't have to be like this.

Original post: Hire Strategies UK