Where'd all the sherpa's go?

I stormed off ahead on the basis of being told “It will be like drinking from a fire hose” and along comes Independence Day.  Having got to a crux move and turned around to check for the right gear I find they all be partying.  To be fair, they have worked damn hard to get this far BUT my pace is dictated by them and due to my impending divorce from Salesforce the pace is not quite as quick as I need.  They also have a lot of people on the mountain to look after so delays and accidents are inevitable.

In an ideal world I would have had a longer time period to work within; I have been in this position before with a client and it was not a great time then either!  As usual, a new system is never easy to adapt to and close hand holding is critical for a smooth journey.  A few bumps and diversions at the moment not helped by everything else that is going on.  Still moving forwards and may be able to get to next camp by the weekend; albeit will need to go back to basecamp to make a few quick repairs next week to be able to make a final assault on the summit.

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