Who's got a pretty Face(book Page) then?

Luckily not too many – yet! But the number is growing and here are a few to look at.

Ernst & Young – the one everyone talks about.

Hutchison 3G – early days yet.

Welcome Financial – good Twitter integration.

Bootsjobs – nice looking Page.

DLA Piper – really good and gives EY more than a run for their money; one of the best I've seen!

These are just a few of the companies (NOT EY) that have attended our workshops and then started to get more from Facebook. You can get a Page one up and running in a few hours (without any branding) or a little bit longer if you want to make a great landing page – it doesn’t need to cost that much either.

But, don’t just do it for the sake of it. Make sure it is part of your recruitment strategy otherwise you’ll look back and see it as a failure; and we don’t want that. If you're not sure where to start get onto our next Social Recruiting Workshop and follow their lead.

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