Why job boards will pay you

Following on from my post Who will do the doing? Recruitment 20?? here's the first part.

I predict that job boards will pay large brands to advertise.

The likes of Tesco and Boots are much bigger than Totaljobs and Monster but more importantly, to the job seeker, the employer is where they want to get to – not the job board.  Employers are already inundated with applications; many of which are not going to get hired.  Add to this that employers can advertise on sites such as Indeed, Simplyhired, Workhound, Jobrapido and many more for free; which do drive traffic.  Then add in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and that's a lot of free traffic.  And Monster, TJ et al want money for maybe nothing better!

Now, there are a few counter points to consider.  What if you are not as big as Tesco?  Well, you still have all of the free options as a minimum.  You can also consider direct CPC search options on Google, Indeed, Facebook and Linkedin which will be a lot more flexible than using a job board.  So whilst you may not get the job boards to pay you, you should at least start with all of the free options first.

So, going forward the big challenge is to know EXACTLY where your hires are coming from.  Maybe all the free sites will deliver loads of applications but no hires.  Although maybe they will deliver all the hires and the job boards don't.  And if the job boards don't deliver any hires, even more reason for Tesco to ask Monster to pay them.  If you want to sell your bottled water in a Tesco store, you have to pay for a position on the shelf BEFORE you even sell anything.  Likewise, job boards will have to pay Tesco to get their brand on their job board which in turn will drive more candidates to the job board which will of course have some benefit for other advertisers.  So TJ get some direct value from having Tesco on board. Tesco get some cash and maybe some hires as well; and if they do maybe they give some money back to the job board?

In the past, I was able to track from post-to-hire for certain clients using job boards and whilst some job boards did deliver; the majority did not.  So we could make some clear decisions based on fact.  Problem now, is that with all of the sites that don't get a feed from the ATS (the list above is a good starter), or just come direct, the tracking is limited in data/accuracy.  Of course once we have all of this data together in one place, imagine how that will change the game. 

Now imagine access to that data is only a matter of months away!

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