Why Job Search Drives You Crazy! (Follow me at ExecJobCoach on Twitter)

Now Laid-Off? You Feel Rejected – And I don’t blame you but I wouldn’t take it personally. The millions of folks laid off weren’t all under-performers. That is undeniable. You didn’t leave empty-handed. No one can ever take the skills and experience you gained. Human nature is negative and we all need to work very hard not to allow outside circumstances define us.

The Waiting is a Killer – One of the toughest parts of job search is the endless waiting. We wait for response after sending out resumes then we wait for face-to-face interviews after performing on the phone. Once we land an interview and do our very best, we wait for those second and third interviews and finally we wait foe the decision. We feel helpless and think we should be doing something to move the process along. Well be careful! This is when we push too hard and can be perceived as a stalker. Never wait for anything. Keep hunting!

You didn’t get the Job – Why? You’re not qualified. You’re overqualified. You’re qualified but someone else was more qualified or a better fit. You wore too much cologne / perfume. You wore too much makeup. You were overdressed. You were underdressed. The job was filled internally. The job was put on hold. You look older than you are. You look younger than you are. You’re not attractive enough. You acted too desperate. You acted uninterested. You didn’t sell yourself. You oversold yourself.

The point of this list is not to overwhelm you with all of the things you might have done / will do “wrong.” It is to demonstrate that interviewing is extremely subjective, and if you apply to jobs that you meet the qualifications for, are prepared for the interview, and use common sense, there is no reason to beat yourself up if you did not get the job.

The lesson here? Crank up the job search when faced with self-doubt, impatience and disappointment. Remember that you’re not a machine but move on. The better you’re able to handle the speed bumps the farther you’ll get in the journey and the sooner someone will ask,
“When Can You Start?”

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