Zero Cost recruitment strategy

I know the cost of recruitment systems have dropped through the floor compared to the heady days of 1999 when most people didn't even know how to spell e-recruitment (or was it Erecruitment) and i-GRasp was still an infant (and no one ever gets the spelling right, even today) but it is getting worse or better?

  • Facebook Pages are free.
  • Facebook Events are free and the largest event system on the web (allegedly).
  • Twitterjobsearch is free.
  • Twitter is free.
  • Search engines are free.
  • Recruitment systems (ATS) are as low as free or a couple of pints.
  • Linkedin is free almost/sometimes.
  • Linkedin now offer Company Profiles. (no idea how much)
  • Job aggregators are free.
  • You can build a career site for free or a bag of nuts (think Blog platform).

Freemium may not be much of a business model but there is still a lot of it about.  A small business, with an aggressive approach to recruitment could easily spank the big brands who are too conservative, stuck in their ways, too PC, cautious etc (all for valid reasons) and hire at a very low cost.  Equally, small recruitment agencies can easily compete with the many low fee agencies that are springing up almost as quickly as job boards once did.

If I were a big employer, I'd buy me a small, street smart, aggressive recruitment agency and keep them independent and outsource a fair chunk of my recruitment to them.

Original post: Hire Strategies UK